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How can you become a participant in this religious sacrifice?

You can consider this institution established in Buzdham as your institution, your home, and you can do service work with body and mind. It is an auspicious occasion for you that if you want, your ancestors, fathers, and your parents will be made New rooms like- Operation Room, Training Room, Rest Room, Visitor Room, Old Age Room You can also get an idol or a screen, so that the memories of those ancestors can be sustained and your relationship with Vrajbhumi always Will remain for, because in the Srimad Bhagwat, there are four types of liberations, one of them this relationship is liberation. you By permanently connecting with Vrajbhoomi, you can give stability to the relationship.

Education For Children

No. of Students Amount For No. of Students Amount For
1 Student INR 4,500 1 Student INR 4,500
2 Student INR 9,000 3 Student INR 9,000
3 Student INR 13,500 3 Student INR 13,500
4 Student INR 18,000 3 Student INR 18,000
11 Student INR 49,500 3 Student INR 49,500
51 Student INR 2,29,500 3 Student INR 2,29,500
101 Student INR 4,54,500 3 Student INR 4,54,500