Shri Mukund Charitable Trust (Reg.) 80G & 12A is a non-profit service oriented voluntary organization it’s each and every service is totally free of cost and for the benefit of the needy and the suffering humans. The Sansthan sustains on public donation, donations from the charitable Organization. We, in the interest of the disabled and suffering humanity, sincerely request the visitors, kindly to come forward with a generous hand to strengthen our hands to serve the suffering humanity with liberal donation.

How to Donate?

                    Donation Details for Polio Patients


                                                Donation Details for Old Age Home


                                                                                  Donation Details for Cow Shelter




Donation for Polio Patients


Amount for Operation of Polio Affected
No. of Operations Amount For No. of Operations Amount For
01 Operation INR 5,000 201 Operations INR 7,00,000
02 Operations INR 9,000 301 Operations INR 10,50,000
03 Operations INR 12,000 401 Operations INR 14,00,000
04 Operations INR 16,000 501 Operations INR 17,00,000
05 Operations INR 21,000 601 Operations INR 20,00,000
11 Operations INR 41,000 701 Operations INR 23,00,000
21 Operations INR 75,000 801 Operations INR 26,00,000
51 Operations INR 2,00,000 901 Operations INR 29,00,000
101 Operations INR 3,51,000 1001 Operations INR 31,00,000



Amount for Artificial Climbs and Support Equipment
Item Amount For 1 Amount For 3 Amount For 5 Amount For 11
Tricycle INR 4,000 INR 11,000 INR 21,000 INR 44,000
Wheel chair INR 3,100 INR 9,100 INR 15,000 INR 33,000
Calipers INR 1,500 INR 7,500 INR 12,000 INR 16,500
Crutches INR 501 INR 2,501 INR 16,000 INR 5,500


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Donation for Old Age Home



Donation for Old Age Home

Amount Details
1000 20 Medicines Boxes 
2000 40 1 Meal / Bed Side Lockers / Bed Sheets
3000 60 Almirah / Cup Board
5000 100 SEMI (Fowler) / Tilt Bed / A Days food
10,000 200 Television / Air Cooler
15,000 300   Water Cooler/ Kitchen Equipment / Kitchen Crockery
20,000 400 To look after an aged person per year
25,000 500 Dining Hall Furniture
50,000 1000 Dormitory Construction/Laundry Equipment / Freezer Box
1 Lakh 2000 Single Room in memory of your beloved ones./fixed deposit towards corpus fund.
1.5 Lakhs 3000 Double Room
2 Lakhs 4000 Medical Equipment / Physiotherapy Equipment
2.5 Lakhs 5000 Ambulance
3 Lakhs 6000 Sharing Room Unit
5 Lakhs 10,000 Construction Dormitory (20 Beds)


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Donation for Cow Shelter


We are planning to construct "Shri MUKUND GAU SEVA KENDRA" with adequate facilities for Medical Treatment and housing for 100 cows.


Requirement for "Shri Mukund Gau Seva Kendra"

Amount Details
Rs.2,51,000 Compound wall with Gate
Rs.3,51,000 Cow Shed Construction
Rs.50,000 Ceiling Fans for Shed 50 nos. at Rs. 1000 each
Rs.1,51,000 Water supply facilities with Tube-Well
Rs.2,50,000 Grass Godown

Special Scheme for "Shri Mukund Gau Seva Kendra"

Amount Details
Rs.5000 Operation and Medical expense for 1 cow
Rs.3501 One day Fodder expense for 25 cows
Rs.11,001 Kansar Seva for cows On Birthday / Gokulashthami/Ekadasi/Paryushan
Rs.2000 Ambulance expenses for one cow one time

Life Membership for "Shri Gau Seva Kendra" (From interest income)

Amount Details
Rs.1,51,001 Seva for 31 cows for 12 months
Rs.75,001 Seva for 31 cows for 6 months
Rs.40,001 Seva for 31 cows for 3months
Rs.10,000 Seva for 31 cows for 1 months


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Donation to Shri Mukund Seva Sansthan , Trust are tax exempted U/s 80G (50% for Salaried Individuals)
• Kindly remit your donation by Cheque/DD drawn in favor of SHRI MUKUND CHERITABLE TRUST, payable at VRINDAVAN and send at our Our Contact Address:-


"Shri Mukund Charitable Trust"

86, Baag Bundela
Uttar Pradesh, INDIA.



• SHRI MUKUND CHERITABLE TRUST receive donation by Cheque, DD, Online Transaction, Credit Card.

Donor give us donation via credit card.


• You may kindly also remit the donations direct into our any of the following Bank A/c :-


Bank Logo Bank Name Account No.
AXIS BANK 910010022657641
CANARA BANK 2480101003947
HDFC BANK 09421450000286
ICICI BANK 027401000844

• However if you have online access, then donations can also be sent online, by visiting Our website



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