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We are here to help to Provide Apna Ghar for old peoples as well as Seva Sansthan for handicapped.

Old age in life is a condition that does not go away after arrival. At this stage, the person's home is insulted by family and society, exclusion He is confronted with disdain, communication, etc., forcing him to live a life of despair and frustration in a state of helplessness.

Even today, children like Shravan Kumar are present in the houses, but only some lucky people get their happiness. That's why in Srivrindavan Dham Shri Mukund "Apna Ghar" is being established. This house will be its own house for such people who are neglected by family, relatives and relatives.

He is living a contemptible life, it will be his home. Where the following facilities will be available.

Free facilities: -

  • Provision of free accommodation, food, clothes etc. for poor, helpless, abandoned old people.
  • Arrangement of paid accommodation, food, clothes etc. for able old people.
  • Arrangement of visions according to the time of the main temples of Vrindavan.
  • Under Vraj Chaurasi Kos, according to the rules of the philosophy of all pilgrimages such as Sreebadrinath, Shri Kedarnath, Yamunotri, Gangotri etc.
  • Organizing religious programs (story, discourse) etc. for satsang of all old people.
  • TV And DVD Arrangement of Srimad Bhagwat Katha, Ramayana and discourses of well-known saints etc.
  • Daily Satsang Arrangement (Bhajan, Kirtan, Satsang) etc.
  • Timely health test of all old people.
  • Free homeopathic hospital free trial and drug distribution.
  • Arrangement of tea, breakfast and food and weather friendly fruits both times.
  • Free arrangement of religious books, religious magazines and religious books etc. for self-study.
  • Arrangement of Yoga, Pranayama etc. for able old people.
  • Free pulse test and Ayurvedic treatment of old people by experienced physicians.

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